Can you make visitors to your Website stay?

One of the most important things you’ll come across when marketing on the Internet is the idea of making your website and web page ‘sticky.’ All this means is that when someone visits your site they stay for a while on the page that they came to when they entered your website and hopefully will stick around even longer by visiting a few of the other web page on your design

Let’s look at 7 simple things you can do to increase the ‘Stickiness’ of your website when marketing on the Internet:

1. Ask Questions: Ask questions of your readers as this will engage them a little more and make their experience a little more personal. Don’t Forget! It is important that you actually answer as best you can any questions that some asks. These people new to marketing on the Internet really do have a lot of questions

2. Conduct A Survey: You can conduct a survey by asking a question or questions using something free and simple to allow you to do this known as Survey Monkey: ( Is free and relatively easy to use. Again people new to marketing on the Internet have a lot of questions.

3. Use A Plugin Like ‘ShareThis’ or ‘ShareThis: Share Buttons And Sharing Analytics’ This makes it easy for your visitors to quickly share your post on several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can set it to show individual icons for the major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as the ‘share icon’ itself which has well over 50 other sites such as Delicious, FriendFeed, StumbleUpon as well as Digg and Fark.internet marketing

With ‘Share This’ your visitor may spend a little more time on a web page to share your post on another social media site. This means that not only are you involving your visitors more in the experience they are having but they are getting the word out for you, doing some marketing on the internet for you, about your website or a particular blog post.

You can choose how and where it is displayed. I recently added this to my blog and it also has a hover or floating horizontal bar that shows up way to the left actually off my website and is static when you scroll the page. This means there isn’t that annoying distraction of something constantly moving to adjust itself whenever you do happen to scroll down a page. (I personally find such things incredibly annoying.)

4. Reply To Comments. This is something you should really try to do when someone makes a legitimate, related to the content, comment or asks a at least a half decent question. This creates more interaction and more time spent on a webpage as people do like to scroll down some times and peruse the comments. A blog was really the first Web 2.0 social site used for marketing on the Internet to create conversation.

5. Add A Related Posts Plugin. This is definitely something I recommend as many times people start out to read a post but end scanning through it and scroll down to the end of the post where… Voila! You have 3 to 5 titles of related posts showing and the idea is they might see something that interests them so instead of clicking of your website entirely the click on a title and visit the web page that post is on and hopefully the cycle will repeat itself 2 or 3 more times.

6. List The Most Popular Posts. There is a plugin for this as well and I place my most popular posts in the sidebar close to the top. Again the one idea for marketing on the Internet is to get as much as you can where a visitor can see it in hopes of them seeing something that grabs their attention and they click on the title to visit that page containing that popular post.

7. Easy To Use Site Map. You can have an easy to use sitemap. Not something like the Google XML Sitemap which is for the search engines and is plain ugly and hard to read since it only displays the links, not just the titles of the blog posts in an easy to read manner. You can even make this yourself with just a little time.internet marketing tips

So when marketing on the Internet you know 7 ways to make your website ‘Sticky’ and several of these can be set up in a relatively short period of time and then you are done with them, as they automatically run themselves.

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