Be A Part Of The Queen’s Birthday Celebrations

One of the biggest highlights of 2016 is Queens’s 90th birthday celebrations. Be a part of the festivities by getting to know what is happening.

Although the queen celebrated her birthday in the month of April, the celebrations continue through the months of May and June. Most of these events are free, and some of them do charge a nominal fee. Regardless of which event you would like to attend, you need to plan ahead of you want to be part of it.

To mark the celebration of her birthday on April 21, The Queen unveiled the Queen’s Walkway. The walkway is a connection between 63 points of interests in town. These points celebrate the Queen’s achievement in being the longest in reign as the monarch after 63 years.
The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh also lit beacons that initiated the events throughout the country.

May is the first month of the celebrations. A 90-minute long ceremony where more than 900 horses accompanied by 1500 riders and performers taking part in them. If you have seen the Jubilee Horse pageant in the year 2012, this event is similar to that except the theatrical lighting and projections that make it grander. Already 25,000 tickets were sold out when the sale opened back in November 2015. You can also catch up with the celebrations on television from the comfort of your home also.

During the month of June, on the 10th of the month, a weekend full of events has been planned marking the celebrations of Queen’s birthday and unofficially the Birthday of The Duke of Edinburgh. The celebrations begin with a special thanksgiving prayers at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

On June 11, this year’s Trooping the Colour which is the official annual celebration of the Queen’s Birthday Parade. During this time, The Queen takes a look at the soldiers from the Household Division. This event takes place at the Horse Guards Parade behind the Whitehall.

These are only some of the celebrations that have been planned marking the Queen’s Birthday.

What Would Have Happened If Britain Chose To Stay?

Democratic supporters from the UK are shocked over the fact that Britain has decided to exit from the EU. A small majority of voters did feel that leaving the European Union will be a great blessing. For many years, it has been believed that the British Government has been playing a game where the benefits of being in the EU has been availed and at the same time convinced their own people to vote against it. This cannot be done anymore.

To give you an idea on why Brexit is good news as many people believe it so, it is important to understand the many aspects of it. Many do think that being a part of the EU will be beneficial and leaving it will only lead to more hardships for the country. Another argument is that the European Union more and more looks like a market and no longer as the union of many countries as promised.

Let us try to understand what would happen if Britain chose to remain. Staying in EU would mean that for EU has to become more democratic and legitimate. This means certain powers has to be vested upon at the regional or national level. The needless centralization has to be eliminated, and Britain may decide to invest more powers across the European level.

If the British people had decided to stay, the European Union would have become a hostage for the downfall of Britain. EU would have gained popularity for all the wrong reasons by the British media portraying them to be the most terrible in the eyes of everyone around the world.

There was no clear mention of what the EU has to do the country. British did not decide on building a stronger country that is at par with the other European Union countries regarding political and corporate level.

Due to this, many people decided to exit without understanding clearly what is to be expected after the exit.