Pokémon Is The Best Game Of 2016: Here’s Why?

Every year a game comes and takes everyone by storm. In this digital age, there have already been many games that have done the deed. Angry birds in 2010, Candy Crush Saga in 2014 have swept the world. Adding to this list is Pokémon Go during the year 2016.

First launched on July 6, this game didn’t take a long time for users to fall in love. In barely two months within its launch, Pokémon Go hit the $ 500 million mark regarding revenue. Millions of gamers still play this game every day.

For people belonging to the late 90’s Pokémon Go was more of a nostalgic game that took them back to their childhood. Pokémon was much of a sensation during the late 90’s, and eventually, the enthusiasm died down. Pokémon Go gave new life to the franchise, and it has become the most favorite in no time.

A lot of people have credited the game for getting people from their seats. Although it was not designed like a traditional fitness app, Pokémon Go did have its own benefits regarding benefits. People took this as a form of exercise and lose weight too! Who knew losing weight could be so much fun!